The mission of DuoLife S.A. is to improve the standard and quality of life of its customers by developing and delivering innovative products for health care, beauty care and extending the life span while maintaining good mental and physical condition.

Skin Nerds UK

Welcome to Skin Nerds UK, we are a specialist beauty skincare business focused on bringing innovative professional skin treatment solutions to the UK and Ireland. With over 60 years of team experience, we focus on results, customer service and exceptional products. We chose to work with Maximum Active Dermaceutical or M.A.D Skincare, a brand who […]

Neal’s Yard Remedies

From small beginnings in a quiet corner of Covent Garden, we’re now a global leader with a growing presence across five continents – but remain grounded in our belief that outer beauty and inner health should be in perfect balance. Why not go organic with your treatments, your clients will love the results! www.nyrorganic.org.uk @shropsorganic

Yanga Natural

YANGA NATURAL is a skincare brand with a unique story. The name YANGA originates from Sierra Leone and can be loosely interpreted as ‘the time one takes to beautify oneself’. Yanga Natural came to be, after its founder, Reg Cole, was diagnosed with of an overactive thyroid. Inciting a curiosity to further understand the complexities […]