Do you ever see someone with a beautiful, high ponytail and stare on in awe, wondering how they get their pony to look so full, so luscious, so… voluminous?

We’ve all had the struggle of sitting in the salon chair or at our dressing table for hours on end, using every product and technique under the sun to achieve the elusive, volumised, high ponytail.

Meet the PonySecret, an innovative silicone tool designed by PonyRevolution and the ultimate low-maintenance hair hack that fits comfortably into your natural hair to add height and fullness to your ponytail instantly. Make your life easier and cut your hairstyling time in half when using the PonySecret.

A savvy and time-saving alternative to extensions, the PonySecret has been created to enhance your natural hair with minimal efforts. Never been seen before in the hairstyling world, the PonySecret takes mere seconds to utilise, compared to the hours you may spend styling your hair without it. It will give you endless volume in 4 easy PonySteps.

The simple yet highly effective PonySecret comes in 4 different variants to seamlessly blend into your unique and beautiful hair colour. Choose from the Black, Brown, Blonde or Ginger options. Each shade is designed to seamlessly blend into your hair shade and be practically undetectable when placed in your ponytail. Your secret is safe with us!

NO MORE HASSLE. NO MORE DAMAGE. NO MORE CHEMICALS. PonySecret is simply the best alternative to other methods of achieving a voluminous pony causing extreme hair damage, such as heat-styling tools, chemicals or uncomfortable & fake-looking extensions.

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