I. Nails Express

I. Nails Express

Permanent Extension

Each of the I.Nails Express® tips are attached with the innovative I.Nails Express® liquid acrylic instead of glue, and cured with use of the I.Nails Express® LED beam projector. These tips come in an ever-broadening choice of colours and designs and are compatible with all of our products, including the gel topcoat, gel polish and nail wraps.

Gel Polish

The I.Nails Express® gel polish also comes in a large range and is compatible with our I.Nails Express® tips and natural nails. The gel polish is durable and long-lasting; it is, for example, highly resistant to scratching and chipping, which ensures that the nails will not require maintenance for at least two weeks. Just two coats of the polish can provide a great finish.

LED Beam Projector

The I.Nails Express® LED beam projector is designed for easy positioning and, thus, better accuracy and comfort. The beam has been designed to cure one nail at a time in a mere 30 seconds and prevent damage during fitting of the next I.Nails Express® tip. The projector is high quality and reliable.

Liquid Acrylic and Acrylic Primer

The I.Nails Express® Liquid Acrylic has been formulated for full integration into an I.Nails Express® tip when that is cured with use of the I.Nails Express® Acrylic Primer. We are proud of our complete system where every I.Nails Express® product is completely compatible with each other.

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