Established in 1950, Balens are a 4th generation, ethical, family run Insurance Brokerage focusing on guidance, support and service.

Our main specialisation is in providing Insurance for Health, Well-Being, Beauty and Fitness Professionals, their Businesses and Organisations, Affinity Groups, Charities and the Not-for-Profit Sector. We have considerable experience and expertise in these fields, being one of the largest Brokers of our kind in the UK and abroad. We are known by both Clients and Insurers alike for our integrity and competence.

We, at the Balens Group offer a wide range of Insurance solutions for our client’s business and personal requirements. Our in-house designed Professional Liability policy is unique to Balens, and considered to be one of the widest ranging insurance covers of its’ type in the UK and abroad. Our offerings are many and varied: Household Insurance (including seeing clients from home, which many household policies do not cover), Therapy or Treatment Room cover, Schools, Clinics, Health Products, Premium Instalment Plans… and many more.

Our subsidised annual Continual Professional Development events for clients, together with articles and advice are another aspect of how we try to support our clients in their professional lives.

Our core values and purpose centre on client satisfaction, quality guidance, service and support. Our slogans “We care for the Carers” and “Experts who care” describe this intention, and are a good reflection of how we operate. We value the relationships we have with our clients, and when looking after them will always try and “go the extra mile“.

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